Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Heart

Many are asking why we are moving to St. Augustine, and there are a couple reasons. First of all,we ABSOLUTELY love it. Ever since Micah and I began dating in 2007, we would take day trips there, and the more we did it, the more we fell in love. The town has such an eclectic feel and I have always been drawn to it because of that. When our best friends moved there we had more of a reason to visit, and every time we left I felt like a piece of my heart was staying behind. I ached to live there. Most importantly, Micah and I feel like this is where God has called us to be. We don't know all the reasons why, but that's the beauty in trusting Him. I don't like to use the saying "God told me" very often if at all, but I do know that He spoke to my heart, as well as Micah's.

They have completed the rough plumbing. They should be putting the foundation down @ the end of the week!

  Yesterday we met with our builder and went through our floor plans.

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  1. Yayyyyy!!!! I couldn't be more excited that it's all coming together!!