Monday, September 19, 2011

5 Items I Can't Live Without

I thought I would share some items with you that have rocked my make-up world. For a long time I thought that I had to go to all those expensive make-up counters in the mall to find what I was looking for. I was sorely deceived. While I do like a few items from the pricey companies, I just find that local drugstores have items that are just as good or better. So here they are!!

This stuff makes my skin looks flawless. It seriously does wonders for my skin that tends to have a redness to it. 
The first thought that usually comes to mind when I think of Liquid Liner is MESSY. But, this stuff right here is not. Whoever designed the brush on this thing was a smart cookie. And it dries fast. You can't beat that.
 So here is my one item I buy that is pricey. Hands down, they have the BEST blush. It's shimmery, light, and stays on all day. I seriously could not live without this.
 I think every female I know has this mascara. Thank you cover girl for putting amazingness in a tube.
 This stuff is insane. Just go to Target and buy it. Trust me on this one- it'll plump your world!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Classically Comfortable

You know by now that I am all for comfort. Especially living in this hot, humid state. This outfit is the perfect example of comfortable, light, and airy. I love it. Hope you do too!

        Cotton Dress: Kohl's $24 2011 (was originally $60!)
                   Earrings: Charlotte Russe $8 2010

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Came and Went

It's pretty crazy how I did not blog but one time this entire summer. (sigh) These outfits here were from the beginning of the summer, and yes, I am just now posting them. This summer was somewhat lame, and so maybe that was why I was so uninspired.

These pictures were taken by my B.F.F. Kelly Ann Jones of Augustine Grace Photography. She's pretty amazing. If only she could have captured my wedding day.

                   White Shorts: Old Navy $12, 2011
 As most of you know, these are my wedding boots. I can't put a price on a priceless treasure.
                   Purple Tank Top: Old Navy, $15, 2011
                     Headband: Rue 21, $5, 2011
                      Earrings: Target, $7, 2011

                  Black Tank Top: Target, $5, 2009
 Retro Skirt: Target, $5, 2010 (This skirt is seriously so comfortable. It's airy and light, AND has an elastic waistband)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Love In The Form Of A Skirt

Ugh. What a morning. Nothing is more bothersome and annoying than having an allergic reaction. Yes, I had one. This morning. At 6 AM. My left eye was swollen shut and my face was swollen. I looked like a beat up chipmunk. Needless to say I am currently drugged up on Benadryl and feeling a little loopy. On a brighter note, my outfit for church today was splendid. I have never really been a fan of button up shirts, but I thought I would give it a shot today. And don't even get me started on the skirt. Let's just say it was love at first sight.

                   White Button Up: JC Penney $7, 2010
                   Skirt: NewYork&Company $12, 2011
                    Black Wedges: Ross $15, 2009

Saturday, June 11, 2011


LOVE this outfit. It's so simple, yet loud. I was ecstatic that I finally found an opportunity to show it off. Especially the shoes. One word for them: Glamorous. Anyways, I hope this get up will inspire you to get in touch with your flashy, classy side. DON'T EVER say you couldn't pull this off. I know you could. :)
                   Silky Teal Blouse: Thrift Store $1
                     Black Skirt: Target $5, 2010
              Michael Kors Stilettos: FREE! (aka hand-me-downs)
         Beaded Necklace: hand-me-down from my lovely sister :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thrift Shopping for the Willing

 I love thrift shopping. It's like treasure hunting. You find things you'd never expect. It's not always easy, and you always have to be willing to get your hands dirty. So, this post is for those who would like some pointers on how to make the best out of thrifting.

#1. HAVE AN OPEN MIND- this is very important. Look at it this way: your job is to be creative and have fun. Don't take it too seriously. Pick up things you normally wouldn't touch. If you have taken a second glance at something, pick it up. It might be worth it. If you come close minded,  you most likely won't find anything.

#2. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CASH- many thrift stores do not take cards. I know, it stinks. I NEVER have cash on me, so I have to make sure I get some out of the ATM. I would bring about $25 to $30 (or more if you wish)  just in case. It's better to have more than not enough.

#3. LOOK THRU ALL SIZES- alot of the clothes are old, and sizes have changed with the times. Don't just stick to your normal sizes, but look through all wracks. And don't become distraught if you try a skirt on that is 3 sizes bigger than what you normally wear.

       *This vest I found in the men's section. Isn't it cute?

#4. ALWAYS TRY ITEMS ON- like i previously stated, sizes have changed and it is wise to try things on. Thrift stores usually have fitting rooms, so that's not a worry.

*Went to try the navy blue flare capris on... and they fit! Yay!

#5. TRY PIECING ITEMS TOGETHER- this is where your creativity comes in. A shirt might be boring, but if you add a cute skirt, pants, or shorts to it, it might make the outfit. Remember in every outfit there is always one staple item that makes the outfit and brings it together. So be creative, think outside the box. Look at accessories such as belts, purses, and jewelry that are there.
  *Absolutely adore this rug travel bag. Can't wait to use it!

#6. GO TO MORE THAN ONE THRIFT STORE- there is usually plenty of places to go to such as Goodwill, Humane Society thrift stores, and church thrift stores. What's cool about thrift stores is many of them donate money to good causes. You're helping the community while have a good time. It's a win win :)

#7 ITEMS CAN ALWAYS BE WASHED-  i'm just gonna say it: thrift stores smell funny. But who cares? anything you buy can be washed. No big deal in my book.

*Look at how much money I spent! This is one of the reasons I love thrift shopping. No guilt. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mother Knows Best

I must give credit where credit is due. My mother bought this dress. Are you surprised? The reason I ask is because I am. There have been numerous times where my mother has bought me something and our tastes have not exactly lined up. But she has taken me back with this selcetion, and I love it. I am grateful for her thoughtfulness and her taste... this time. :)

                    Pink Cotton Dress: Belk $17 (2011)
                  Moss Green Mary Jane's: Payless $15 (2008)              

White Sweater: Target $15 (2010), Green Rose Necklace: Steve & Barry's under $10 (2008)- do they exist anymore?!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Tunes I the only one that has certain music for certain seasons? Hope not. My favorite time of year is right now and there is nothing better than to have some good tunes accompanying it! Here is what I'm jamming out to this summer (and you should too!):

Goettingen, Du- The Finches
Waiting in Vain- Bob Marley
Summer of '69- Bryan Adams
Are You Sure?- Bethany Dillon
(Exactly Where We're From)- Mirah
More Time- Needtobreathe
King Without A Crown- Matisyahu
Over You- Jay Nash
Amber- 311
Amie- Pure Prairie League
Animal Tracks- Mountain Man
Arizona- Kings of Leon
Here Comes the Sun- George Harrison
The Girl- City and Colour
Buckets of Rain- Redbird
Bubble Toes- Jack Johnson
Forever Young- Audra Mae and The Forest Rangers
The Weight- The Band
5 Years Time- Noah and the Whale
Daughters- John Mayer
When U Love Somebody- Fruit Bats
Turn Out the Light- The New Amsterdams
Rhythm of Love- Plain White T's
Nothing Lasts Forever- Brett Dennen
No Envy No Fear- Joshua Radin
Naked As We Came- Iron & Wine
Moth's Wings- Passion Pit
The Park- Feist
My Malakai- Angus & Julia Stone
I Don't Love You Much Do I- Guy Clark
Free Fallin' (live)- John Mayer
Bella- Angus & Julia Stone
Hannah- Ray LaMontagne
Heartbeats- Jose Gonzalez
The General Specific- Band of Horses
The Underdog- Spoon
This Is Just So Beautiful- Jenny & Tyler
Lucky- Jason Mraz (feat. Colbie Caillat)
One Moment More- Mindy Smith

This music video by Angus & Julia Stone  is so beautiful. Enjoy!!!!
Mango Tree

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Blues for Graduation

I adore the color blue. Not just because my little eyes are blue, but because it's such a mysterious, fascinating color. Maybe it's due to the fact that I like the water. Who knows.

 This is what I wore Monday night for graduation, and I love it. It's a little above my price range, but I couldn't resist. It's so light and airy.  It's COMFORTABLE. That's what really matters, right?
 Monday night I graduated from college. It's still hard for me to grasp the fact that I no loner have to sit in a classroom, or have to get up and go to the hospital. What is my degree you ask? I have my A.A.S. in Occupational Therapy , which means I am now able to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant. It's a mouthful, I know. I hated it when people would ask me, and I would tell them, and they would look at me like I just spoke in German or something. Anyway, this chapter of my life has come to a close, and now I must take a national certification test, and then find a job. YAY!
(My hubby and I. He graduated from the Surgical Tech program. Yay for him!)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and Floral Print

Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I have been such a naughty blogger (or lack there of). I know few of you have been asking me why I haven't lately... and there is a reason. Not a good one though. The reason is because... I have been uninspired for the past..... 4 months? See, I told you it's not a good reason. But alas, I have returned. I'm not going to make any promises though ;)
And what a day to begin again! Happy Easter one and all! 

*Items were purchased from Goodwill, Kohl's, and Marshall's.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweet & Simple Sunday

Today's oufit is nothing extremely amazing or special... just comfy and cozy. For some reason I want to feel that way on a Sunday :)

 Black Sweater(JCPenney,$20,2010) Dress(Target,$7,2010)
 Teal Tights(Target,$5,2009)
Heart Earrings(Target,$5,2010)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

80's Cowgirl.

Hello everyone!!!!!! So you remember how I told you how was in a "fashion rut"? Not anymore! The new year has inspired me to get back with it. I have come to realize that this is something I love to do, and I am not going to give it up that easy. So people, get inspired!!!!

 Purple Blouse(JC Penney,$???,2009) Mustard Yellow Purse(Target,$8,2010)

 Hemp Belt(Charlotte Russe,$5,2010) Jean Skirt(Charlotte Russe,$5,2010)

Medal Flower Hair Band ( X-mas gift from one of my besties)