Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Came and Went

It's pretty crazy how I did not blog but one time this entire summer. (sigh) These outfits here were from the beginning of the summer, and yes, I am just now posting them. This summer was somewhat lame, and so maybe that was why I was so uninspired.

These pictures were taken by my B.F.F. Kelly Ann Jones of Augustine Grace Photography. She's pretty amazing. If only she could have captured my wedding day.

                   White Shorts: Old Navy $12, 2011
 As most of you know, these are my wedding boots. I can't put a price on a priceless treasure.
                   Purple Tank Top: Old Navy, $15, 2011
                     Headband: Rue 21, $5, 2011
                      Earrings: Target, $7, 2011

                  Black Tank Top: Target, $5, 2009
 Retro Skirt: Target, $5, 2010 (This skirt is seriously so comfortable. It's airy and light, AND has an elastic waistband)

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